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    Well, there is a bot for RSCR and RSCE so there isn't much use for scar. I have been using scar for smaller private servers, though.
  2. Thanks for the reply! mainscreen as in not minimap and other menus? Not sure what you mean by Demise style but I have had quite a bit of luck for DTMs, actually. They're useful for text and finding things like bankers. Instead of simply spotting the black of their shirts, for example, which can easily be picked up in other regions such as bricks and edges of landscape features you can select 3 pixels in some small area which almost guarantees a large black surface and then just do that until the dtm for the banker text pops up in the top left corner. I have also had some success with flax but it requires a few OR operations. Anyway, I think the best solution is to simply use a modified client and change the anvil model to some a solid color. It is pretty easy now with all the sources floating around to find the mudclient version of the server client and emulate that with a similar release. The hard part now is finding the anvil model... I haven't had much luck! It doesn't seem to be in any of the rscd files. I am still interested in more robust methods relying solely on scar-divi, however. I will look into TPA which I don't believe I have used.
  3. Hello! As the title suggests I am trying to find an anvil so I can click on it to smith. This is in RSC. I can't seem to get a DTM to work because of the possible slightly different rotations/views in the world. I tried picking one parent point and 2-3 nearby points which is actually not too hard to find and this works sometimes but every once in a while it gets stuck in a loop moving the mouse between two points and neither of them are on an anvil. For example: repeat FindDTM(AnvilDTM,x,y,W-200,H-250,W-125,H-138); Wait(750); MoveMouse(x,y); Wait(750); until FindDTM(AnvilTextDTM,x1,y1,W-508,H-349,W,H-335); Alternatively: I was hoping to do something similar to a FindColorSpiral but the mouse would do the spiral in one place (near the middle of the screen) but look instead for a DTM in the top left corner of the screen. The DTM would simply be the text that shows when the mouse hovers over an anvil. Is there a good way to do something like this? Edit: To be clear, simply looking for the color of the anvil won't work because the building it is in has the same range of colors. Thank you!
  4. Hello! Many of us in the RSC community recall SCAR by Kaitnieks and there is an abundance of scripts available on the web if you know where to look. The downside is that these don't work on most private servers and it is hard to learn from them as they are very much outdated. Additionally, there are great scripts here but they all seem to heavily rely on MSSL which is also outdated now. Are there any guides or decent example scripts for someone interested in scripting for RSC servers (in general) that utilize SCAR Divi? I am an experienced programmer but have very little background in SCAR's scripting language. As an aside, how much of MSSL is specific to Project RSC? I guess it's hard for me to imagine writing such a huge library without considering portability. Thank you, oddjobmj
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