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  1. Ye I learned the function from the old manual. When I put the CheckShadow and check outline to false it finds my text, at least I thought it was. But when I put the color to 0 (since my text in word is black) it does not find my text anymore. So even with color to -1 it does not actually find my text, but something weird that looks like my text in another color. How do i know which input is causing failure? I tried adjusting all of them and it never finds the text except with color -1 and even then it does not find the text, because the x,y values are not those were the text is... Can you test this script see if it works for you with a word text?
  2. Yes, then it returns value 0. So it is not finding the text.
  3. Hello Lovely scar community! I am trying to use the ocr functionality of scar, but for some reason I can't get it to work. I type the text 'what' in word with verdana font size 22 and not bold etc.. But SCAR says it cannot find it and returns 'FAIL'. Does somebody know why this is and what I'm doing wrong? Any help is hugely appreciated. program OCR;varx,y,c : Integer;Found:Boolean;beginc := LoadCharsFromFont2('Verdana', 22, False, False, False, False); Found:= IsTextInAreaEx(0, 0, 1300,700, x, y, 'what', 5, c, True, True, 0, 0, -1) if (Found=True)thenWriteLn('Found');if (Found=False)thenWriteLn('FAIL');end.
  4. luddie

    get bitmap

    I want to get the bitmap for example for x=1 y=1 to x=10 y=10 but how do I do this. There is a function Findbitmap but not a function Getbitmap, can somebody show me how to do it. I am pretty sure it is possible with scar. Thanks very much in advance!
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