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  1. So I want for scar to find certain picture on screen and click it. This picture is only about 10x10 pixels but it doesn't only stay in one place on the screen. I'm stuck with Bitmap functions. I can't understand any of them. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Can you please make it possible to convert a .SCAR to a .EXE? I've seen a lot of people asking about it and it would be very useful
  3. Can you give a link to Sythe's Packer please?
  4. Says 'HoldMouse' is not a function?
  5. Okay. So I'm working on a bot for this game. Zezenia. And I am trying to make an auto looter of sorts. BUT the only problem is I don't know if this is a drag function and if there is not, how to make it drag. Any ideas?
  6. I was looking for more of an example. lol
  7. Is it possible to make this program do an action if I press a certain key? For example. If I press 'a', can I make it push 1? I tried to do this: begin if PressKey('a') then PressKey(chr(49)); wait (1000); end. But I had the error "Type Mismatch" Can anyone help?
  8. Okay. I'm just going to come flat out and say this. I have absolutely no idea on how I'm going to make this one. This is for the game, Zezenia. I want to make it so as soon as you open a dead body, everything that was in the body goes into 1 backpack. Here is a picture so you get an idea. In this Picture, I want this script to be able to put this axe into this backpack as soon as the body is opened. If this is possible. Someone please help. I am pretty much clueless on this one
  9. This method is obviously a little too advanced for me. I can work without it. Thanks anyway though.
  10. Although a TOTAL ghost mouse would be Fantastic. This method worked great. You really seem like you know what you are doing Ty
  11. I used PressVKey(VK_F1); And it worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
  12. 112 is the letter 'p' But thank you for the format. I'll figure it out from here - - - Updated - - - Are you sure you can use this function to press F keys? I've tried many numbers and none of them were correct.
  13. This is exactly the kind of thing I want. Do you have a script for it?
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