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  1. Hello, I started learning scar this week, i can set mouse, keyboard, bla bla, but what i really need is to set scar to wait for a color (not if find color) to execute a bunch o processes, i've been looking around and i found scar 4.00, it looks amazing(all that speed ), but all i know comes from 3.22 version, beside scar 4.00 is not beginner frendly when you type for example writeln()<----- it shows no sugestion here, i also found that simba has a waitcolor, but i hate simba and it's slow, which one should i chose?
  2. Hello, I will make a short resume of what i need. There's this game, clash of lords 2, originaly made for android but can be played on bluestacks, on pc. One of the main objectives is to upload your heroes and gather gold. You don't pay anything for raiding other vilages, you just have to wait a few seconds while your heroes revive. Then you just launch them in the field, if you win stars you will be given exp. cards or another heroes to fuse with and upgrade your main heroes. What im looking for is a script that will launch them on the raid and when the inventory is full of exp cards/ other heroes it will fuse them automaticly and proceed. I've tried with ghost mouse but its very faulty and unresponsive. Please help.
  3. I see, so it was set to find a specific array of colours and not just one right? I tried to replace every color as you said, and the script worked but didn't recognize what i wanted, maybe because the rest of it its configuired to an image and not a color, nevermind, found similar exe bot, tank you
  4. hello people, im having a problem, i have the following code: procedure LoadBMP; begin attackbutton := BitmapFromString(10, 8, 'beNoB8AAP/w0W+qWD/' + '6Fm/8iIqJxvABICAAYKIQADNDxjMTxiV2SK7oZe6Jdl+cOSvKCBDQ' + 'YABwAHEwAQLDtTITNKNUhh+Itd2Zps06+IxZ+FJAAAFgAGCwAZCyA' + 'uGTA9J0BRKkZECQAUOhs6tq+6FSMVDAAAMQAABBQaHSoxHys0AAUF' + 'BwAOGgAWNh8up5yWKA0AJAAAAAcOChYdDxsiQCwuxqu3GQAJDwABw' + '7WwblBJJQAAAAMJAAYPCRAZRyAe3J2pIQAABQQAipuMnIqDkk5WAw' + 'UNAAAIAAEIXysm85WgMgAAAwMAACAIYlJNyHSHW1dgNTE6D6mCPjc' + '='); end; I am not shore if that is just a color or if it is a color at all, but if it is: i want to change the colour in it (to 2907022) , i tried with info from the scar divi wiki and it showed up unknown identifier bitmapfromstring, if you could help me i would be greatfull
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