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  1. Hey, I was curious about how DTMs work now. It's been a while since I have used SCAR, and a lot seems to have changed. I couldn't find much documentation on DTMs. I noticed there is a TDTM type now, but I cannot find the appropriate "FindDTM" function. It looks like the old FindDTM method takes in an Integer instead of a TDTM object. Is there some some way to get an Integer pointer to the DTM or something? Thanks, fuzz357
  2. The variables x and y are the coordinates of where you want SCAR to click. The last parameter (true or false) refers to which mouse button (left = true, false = right).
  3. begin WriteLn('Your name is: ' + ReadLn('What is your name?')); end. Above script always prints Your name is: , no matter what you type into the dialog box. Bug?: ReadLn always returns an empty string. SCAR Divi Version 3.30 Windows 7 x64
  4. Still having trouble installing it. Get that same error (bad gateway). No idea what's causing it..
  5. Same problem with those DNS IPs. Edit: For now, is there anywhere I can get the application (without installing)?
  6. Still get the same error. I changed my IP, too.
  7. I downloaded the new installer for SCAR 3.29.00, but I am having some trouble with it. When I run the installer, I get an error message saying, "Sorry, the files could not be downloaded. Click 'Retry' to try downloading the files again, or click 'Cancel' to terminate the setup." I added the exe to my firewall's white list, but I am still having this issue. Thanks, fuzz357 Edit: A little tinkering with fiddler/cmd turned up something. The installer makes a call to http://www.installmonetizer.com/download.php?kYKCcQ== which returns error 502. I tried pinging, http://www.installmonetizer.com, but I got no response. I'm guessing there is something wrong with their server.
  8. I started a video tutorial series a while ago. I'm still making new videos occasionally. You can find the series in this youtube playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/andrey0ll#grid/user/FE08BCC7629AF9B5 Subscribe to andrey0ll (my account) for future videos. Enjoy , fuzz357 aka WhoCares357 PS The audio quality varies in quality. I have been experimenting with different software, hardware, and settings. It should settle down in the later videos.
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