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  1. <p><p><p>Merry Christmas</p></p></p>

  2. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    There is compelling evidence from a combination of IP address matches and registration emails that each account listed belongs to you. Regardless, if your best argument is that "about half aren't" the point is moot as having even a single duplicate account is cause for a permanent ban, while having multiple accounts that sometimes talk to each other (!) is cause for significant concern in relation to your mental health and/or motives. Regardless, the matter is closed, and I will not comment further regardless of what provocative statements you make.
  3. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    Keeping facts straight: these accounts were linked with IP addresses on accounts you were known to own. Further many are variations on account names you were known to use. Now, if in your mighty attempts to ban evade you used a proxy that someone else used and got an extra account tacked on there, that is again your own fault. Keeping facts straight: I have not "put you though" anything and want no further involvement with you. This will be aided by your cessation of communication and/or idle threats.
  4. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    You brought this on yourself for believing you are above the rules. Perhaps the SCAR community should reconsider your involvement here as well, as immediately after being banned the second (!) time for ban evading a few days before your suspension expired (!), you create yet another account (!) to link to this thread for more attention (!). For the record Wanted Returns et al. and really, after digging up all of the things you have done, the multitude of accounts you have created, and the shady behavior you have participated in, I can safely say you are no longer welcome at SRL and I personally would appreciate you ceasing to attempt to contact me and implying that we have any sort of relationship, as this is both disturbing and false. Further I urge anyone that has any contact with this individual to reconsider as he is clearly disturbed. His actions should speak for themselves in this regard. I want nothing more to do with it.
  5. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    I mean, it's basically just providing the source, i.e. the github. The whole point of GPL software is that the source is available, but whatever I guess. I just can't keep track of all the binary copies floating around out there.
  6. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    As requested I am contacting you here to mention that the GPL reqs for distributing SMART binaries need to be satisfied, since this is the first I've heard that they're being distributed.