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  1. Thanks for this script mate! huge fan. Was wanting to ask a small favor though, from my limited knowledge i would think it would be rather straight forward. But could you make a script that combines the feathers with the shafts, and the headless shafts with the arrow tips? Using this script for 5 hours requires me to spend about 3 hours making arrows. Thanks again! -reyno
  2. Thanks for reply mate! Yeah I had the servers organized by population ascending. All good though its only a minor problem, on average still get 1-2 hours of run time before this happens. Thanks again for the awesome script has worked wonders so far!
  3. Hey, firstly thanks for the script. However I have found one problem, every now and again it misses a click on the server select, ie clicks in empty space between two servers. Causing the bot to remain on screen select. It does not seem to loop this screen select. Any ideas?
  4. Does this respond to random events? -thanks for scripts by the way
  5. Banking would be delicious! is there a database of all scar functions that are relevant to runescape? I am wanting to start writing scripts and contributing to this forum! -i have 2 years of java experience from uni (ie first 2 years of IT degree) - will that be enough for scar scripts?
  6. Thanks for update, works a treat! -update. seems to just run into the bank (after bag full), rotate the map, then just stand there before running back to maples.
  7. Any chance of getting a flax picking / spinning script? Would be very much appreciated!
  8. Sorry I am new, is this script for runescape 2007?
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