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  1. Caution when running a fight caves script... I've heard reports of bannings happening to people who have suicided there. Looks sweet though! This will probably replace the simple one I made awhile back (but never released due to being very sloppy; still worked well though)
  2. Sweet! I have had zero time this past week. I put in ~35 hours of homework and studying from Tuesday morning - Friday afternoon, when back to visit my fiancee for the weekend, and now I'm back at it studying. Doesn't look like I'll have a break for awhile. I cant wait to be able to go through and enjoy leaning from the changes you've made Jani!
  3. If I'm not mistaken, PC bank is random-free.
  4. I missed your reply to my post, so I haven't looked into it yet with the info you've provided me. Another question: Is this being ran in SMART? The script would mess up a bit after awhile in SMART for myself when running for long periods (I thought I had fixed this though). I've been running this in a XP virtual machine very well (TinyXP). Anywho, it's likely a problem with the function I used to retrieve the quantity from the shop; I was never fond of the code I have for it. I'll try to look into it more within the next 3 days (2 homeworks due Wed and they'll take 5-6 hours each [i'm a math graduate student]).
  5. Sweet! This was my first money-making method on RS07 (yes, I made a quick, simple script for it). This was an old method waaaaay back in Classic that I happened to remember. I was the only person for awhile doing it... now there's all kinds of bots there. Eventually, I made my script alch between loots. A good (but dangerous [randoms, and you carry a lot of money on you]) idea.
  6. Looks sweet! I will admit, however, I did revert back tot he old theme because I found the text hard to read. I love the feel and look of the next ones though.
  7. I'll certainly look into it ASAP. I never bought multiple items to 0. I usually buy 1 item to 0, or buy multiple items to a number far above 0. If you're only buying 1 item to 0, arrange the order of the arrays so that item is last to buy. Otherwise, I'll look into a fix And thanks for the feedback. I've ran this script several days on end with no hang-ups (though, the NPC i'm buying from is pretty contained) EDIT: I'm unable to replicate the problem. I can't quite pinpoint where the script is messing up. Perhaps there's a problem with the coordinate of the shop quantity of the slot you're buying from. Which slots are you buying? And on which one do you hop after buying out?
  8. thankfully, screens are cheap and easy to replace.
  9. Awesome script! Does not bank for me though; continues to try and chop trees. It could be because I'm running it on my Mac in a VM
  10. Cannot wait to try (as well as your other willow script). Woodcutting is one of the few skills I cannot stand to train legit.
  11. Got my computer back, and the script was re-uploaded.
  12. Haha, my appologies! When I have access to my laptop on which this script it stored, I will re-upload it (likely tomorrow) (my fiancee borrowed it for school) Awhile back, it wouldn't allow me to upload files, so I left it with the intention of re-uploading at a later time when that was fixed, and forgot!
  13. That literally solves like 99% of my problems, haha! I recently learned I could save the default new script so I don't have to worry about doing this anymore.
  14. Hey guys! A couple questions: -Is there a tutorial on forms? I looked in the guides section with no luck. I want a script to get info from a form that is constantly present and does not need closed for the script to begin. Above all, I want to know how to do it properly. ANSWERED (checked the Wiki) -How can I get the current PC time? (GetSystemTime returns only time PC has been running) Thanks
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