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  1. New forum skin

    Looks sweet! I will admit, however, I did revert back tot he old theme because I found the text hard to read. I love the feel and look of the next ones though.
  2. What do you guys think of my laptop?

    thankfully, screens are cheap and easy to replace.
  3. MSSL banking with SMART

    That literally solves like 99% of my problems, haha! I recently learned I could save the default new script so I don't have to worry about doing this anymore.
  4. Forms and Time

    Hey guys! A couple questions: -Is there a tutorial on forms? I looked in the guides section with no luck. I want a script to get info from a form that is constantly present and does not need closed for the script to begin. Above all, I want to know how to do it properly. ANSWERED (checked the Wiki) -How can I get the current PC time? (GetSystemTime returns only time PC has been running) Thanks
  5. clickmouse safe?

    Could they? Probably. Do they? I have no worldly idea... However, in MSSL, as Janilabo explained to me, RS07_ClickMouse() and RS07_Click include a small 'hold' on the mouse button to protect against this. I don't believe Click() and ClickMouse() have this feature, and their clicks are instantaneous ans last only a moment in time.
  6. Colors Being Picked Based on Desktop

    Post a little sniplet of your code; maybe there's something there that can help
  7. Colors Being Picked Based on Desktop

    In SCAR's toolbar, are you dragging the cross-hair icon over the window you want to capture?
  8. Correcting points based on scroll bar position

    Edit: I see the issue now.
  9. RS07_SwitchWorld

    Edit: Please delete. I've overlooked the simplest things. Jani, your MSSL is great
  10. scar divi noob! need REPEAT or LOOP

    You have an extra begin in there: Find this bit of code in what you posted: Wait(1000); begin Repeat For i:=1 to 15 Do Begin Take out that first 'begin' and it may run for you.
  11. MSSL Point.scar Typo

    MSSL_GetTPALine2bit Somewhere around line 587 "Result" is mispelled (maybe twice?) I've fixed it in my include and can't remember how many occurences there were.
  12. scar divi noob! need REPEAT or LOOP

    Edit: SCAR is written in Pascal. For more help, you can google something like "looping in Pascal." If you need to loop a certain number of times, I would recommend the For...Do loop At the end of each cycle, it increases i by 1 and it will continue until i=15. You need to declare i in your variables, though. To repeat something until a condition is met, I recomment Repeat...Until (condition) So, your script would look like Program New; Var i:Integer; begin Repeat For i:=1 to 15 Do Begin //Your code here to repeat End; //More Code here Until false; //Until you use the hotkeys to stop the script end. Using Until false; is never a good idea in a script, but it doesn't look like you have much coding experience so it will do for your sake. You just use the hotkeys or press the stop button in scar.
  13. Intro to MSSL's RuneScape 2007 commands

    Epic post.. Thanks. I've gone through the commands a bit already, before this post, but this helps a lot. - - - Updated - - - Epic post.. Thanks. I've gone through the commands a bit already, before this post, but this helps a lot.