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  1. So I remember once there was a tool that you select like 9 colors and then it builds 1 color out of it and also gives you the tolerance to use. Any ideas on what this was and where to get it ?
  2. Control + space is not bringing up the menu for the list of procedures, functions methods.
  3. How has things been?

    Well been awhile since I been here, how are things going in the scripting scene?
  4. Stepping down

    hmm, I may have to come back. Someone has to lead. We shall see in the future time.
  5. New Developer !

    Hello as most of you know me, I want to introduce myself as I am a new developer working beside Shadow on GMRL. Our goals for the time being are getting releases to key components to script writers making their job and also making the quality of scripts being released alittle more.... up and up. We are both dedicated to creating an experiance for script writers to be more flexable in their code and bring along new versityle types of code to use in their scripts. This being said. UBeX will not be updated from here on out, but yet another focus is bringing GMRL into runescape side as well so you will notice in future updates that we will have more code and practically making UBeX all over again from scratch, while bringing in new demintions for many. This is a huge project for what we do have planned and hope you join us on making GMRL on of the top includes used in scripts today for not only RS2 area but many other games as well. ~RSutton
  6. Skype Info

    We have not really had a way to chit chat to one another other than irc. Im just sharing this information for the Newbies trying to learn to script. You can call me anytime for questions or any help needed. RobSutton84 on skype
  7. Need help with scripint .

    Either way im not going to argue which is better. there is many ways to skin a cat and some think some ways are better than others. I give me advice. DTMs are mainly good for minimap markers these days is what much are used for. The way to do a working inventory dtm is using ddtms which is more advanced than for most. Simple to some but harder for others. Failsafes are about 75% of a script the other 25% is just getting it to work with those failsafes. Be aware that even though failsafes are exactly what they say and are very important that too much can actually end up ruining a script and cause much headache.
  8. The Movement !

    Hello Community. I am writing this to start something which I feel is in need. Many of us are advanced scripters, It took us alot of moving around websites, going through old documentation, and much trial and error. I think we need to take this community to a new level. First off. Freddy as we do have a Runescape community forum I would ask that we have a Tutorial and " Knowledge base" section added specifically for the advance users to Post items which will help new people learn to script. This can include Photos from the Bank slot spaces ( colored numbers ) Inventory slot images, Map images, A-Lists for our databases where we can collaberate and share INFORMATION. I know that scar is not just a runescape community, I get that. But lets face the facts we want a community to learn and grow not only more in one area than another. But this way we as in Myself,Bib,Shadow,Wanted and others can collaberate our information and get this going to a whole new level. I ask that we form this Sub-Catagory called "Knowledge Base" Basically as a Ever-Long active directory for those who have knowledge to share and those who wish to have it. Not only for our Past and present to give but that of our future and those will will come after us to look back and say "They were here" If we could get this it would be tramendius. I am not asking to be a moderator of this section but do have someone who is active and can Merge information when it is given correctly. Such as Monster control lists, inventory lists and such.
  9. Need help with scripint .

    You can get the bounds of each inventory slot... then check each inventory slot for the outline color which is black. When you have all your inventory bounds setup 0 - 27 you can relay a check... or a for loop... to 27 if it finds an outline at 27 then your inv is full. You can also do this to find new items in your inventory ( each slot ) Though I do not recommend this method. Second. Dont go with Lord Josh's advice this is a pretty easy way to make a fail bot for not only now but future use. Though DTMs are very useful. Many problems can occur with them just as easy as "Yay my bot works today... shit it doesnt work anymore and I cant figure it out " Using dtms or even ddtms are not the best choice, definatly.
  10. As we know

    Well the thing with this is. OSI is Wanteds design. Honestly even though I can script great it is the point of how cluttered he wants OSI. We talked about this before and the reason came up that OSI is not just meant for RS but more of a platform to openly write into other games. Not just RS
  11. As we know

    The new UBeX which should be completed in a couple months will be stand -alone. I am partially waiting to actually hardcode most of it for when the new combat system takes affect. Reason because the gui will change dramatically. Yet The basic functions of it being Stand-Alone for general use and functions will be done prior to that. Just give me time and hang on.
  12. GMRL - Library

    The feature of botting is only how the creator takes it. Scar Delphi and Pascal alone is the Setup which gives the tools to botting. All we are doing is trying to Understand it in a Artistic manner
  13. GMRL - Library

    Lol. You should of just took my advice along time ago friend
  14. As we know

    As most of you gathered I left the community for personal reasons outside of the game or programming. I would like to announce that though I have been away lets just say an open eye when your gone and come back has been approached. I Would like to announce a new project which should hopefully take by storm as a basic "All-in-One" Include which should make it for General use criss cross game series, which means universal means, as well bringing back the core function of UBeX. Though UnitedBots has been closed for quite some time I want to assure everyone that I am not dead Cody has done a fantastic job on trying to keep UBeX up to date during my absence. Thank you buddy. As we all know of this combat system which is taking effect here within the next few months we will be seeing a MASSIVE change to the game. I want to assure everyone that this is not a problem and hope to see UBeX 2.0 Reach its full potentail as I have been "Opened" I will be rewriting ALL code within UBeX which does not rely on anyone or anything else to use it. Of course scar itself though. Release date will be known in the future time.
  15. Anyone having trouble with SMART?

    Well this sucks lol. Gotta make another work around like usual. BTW Recovery question smap is only if you didnt make your questions.....