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  1. So I remember once there was a tool that you select like 9 colors and then it builds 1 color out of it and also gives you the tolerance to use. Any ideas on what this was and where to get it ?
  2. Control + space is not bringing up the menu for the list of procedures, functions methods.
  3. Well been awhile since I been here, how are things going in the scripting scene?
  4. hmm, I may have to come back. Someone has to lead. We shall see in the future time.
  5. The hook cannot be modified, in or out of source. Error will occur in any circumstances of any type of change. You will receive error. Not even to mention this is jagex running the code. You think about if they look into your mouse and it is not giving them correct data for exactly what they want it is good bye. You will not be able to change the source to make it a work around. You will need a external process. with internal attributes, Freddy has already talked of basically the only method available.
  6. You can still bot. You have to use old school scripting practices. Im not sure they can detect pascal script taking over mouse can they ? that is a bit if'y on my thought. But if you bot right now as our current coding standards. your screwed
  7. Looks like jagex is going further than they used to. Now invading our external original mouse. Wow these bastards will stop at nothing.
  8. I Suggest everyone who is using scar to bot with stop right away within the next 20 days as Optimus rolls out ( which it did today ) . The source file was found that it can track "SMART" users very easily. Then a smaller update in time will even hit the bots harder on even color clicking. but as it stands SMART client will get you banned, if not today then it will come in due time. I am warning everyone now. If you want to bot the safest way is the old school coding standards with scar divi ( not attaching to smart ) Everyone here who knows me, knows that I am a respectful member of this community. "Today's release has seen the introduction of the Optimus platform in place of many older build systems. As you've seen, this means that the recent performance issues have be resolved for almost all players, although there are still some engine updates being worked on to improve performance even further in various areas. blah blah blah... then it goes into the bots and destroying them. Jagex code is below for the implemented baning system. int __stdcall Java_jaclib_ping_IcmpService_run(JNIEnv *env, jobject this) { jclass icmp_service_class; // edi@1 jobject this_ref; // eax@1 jmethodID (__stdcall *get_method_id)(JNIEnv *, jclass, const char *, const char *); // edx@1 HHOOK hook; // eax@1 jmethodID (__stdcall *_get_method_id)(JNIEnv *, jclass, const char *, const char *); // edx@1 jmethodID *notify2_method_id; // eax@1 int result; // eax@3 MSG msg; // [sp+30h] [bp-1Ch]@1 icmp_service_class = (*(*env + 31))(env, this);// env->GetObjectClass this_ref = (*(*env + 21))(env, this); // env->NewGlobalRef get_method_id = *(*env + 33); // env->GetMethodID service_this = this_ref; notify1_method_id = get_method_id(env, icmp_service_class, "notify", "(III)V"); hook_thread_id = GetCurrentThreadId(); hook = SetWindowsHookExA(WH_MOUSE_LL, mouse_hook_func, cur_module, 0); _get_method_id = *(*env + 33); mouse_hook = hook; notify2_method_id = _get_method_id(env, icmp_service_class, "notify", "(I)V"); call_void_method(env, service_this, notify2_method_id, 0); while ( GetMessageA(&msg, 0, 0, 0) ) { TranslateMessage(&msg); DispatchMessageA(&msg); } UnhookWindowsHookEx(mouse_hook); (*(*env + 22))(env, service_this); // env->ReleaseGlobalRef result = 0; notify1_method_id = 0; mouse_hook = 0; return result; } .text:10005DC0 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:10005DC0 .text:10005DC0 .text:10005DC0 ; LRESULT __stdcall mouse_hook_func(int code, int message_id, MSLLHOOKSTRUCT *hook_struct) .text:10005DC0 mouse_hook_func proc near ; DATA XREF: Java_jaclib_ping_IcmpService_run(x,x)+55o .text:10005DC0 .text:10005DC0 env = dword ptr -4 .text:10005DC0 code = dword ptr 4 .text:10005DC0 message_id = dword ptr 8 .text:10005DC0 hook_struct = dword ptr 0Ch .text:10005DC0 .text:10005DC0 push ecx ; preserve ecx .text:10005DC1 mov eax, jvm_ptr .text:10005DC6 mov ecx, [eax] ; store the JavaVM *vm in ecx .text:10005DC8 push esi .text:10005DC9 push edi ; preserve esi,edi .text:10005DCA push 0 ; push null for attach args .text:10005DCC lea edx, [esp+10h+env] ; store &env in edx .text:10005DD0 push edx ; push &env .text:10005DD1 mov [esp+14h+env], 0 ; initialize JNIEnv *env .text:10005DD9 push eax ; preserve eax .text:10005DDA mov eax, [ecx+10h] .text:10005DDD call eax ; call vm->AttachCurrentThread(vm, &env, 0) .text:10005DDF mov esi, [esp+0Ch+hook_struct] ; store the MSLLHOOKSTRUCT *hook_struct in esi .text:10005DE3 mov ecx, [esi+0Ch] ; store hook_struct->mouseData in ecx .text:10005DE6 mov edx, [esi+4] ; store hook_struct->pt.y in edx .text:10005DE9 mov eax, [esi] ; store hook_struct->pt.x in eax .text:10005DEB mov edi, [esp+0Ch+message_id] ; store message_id .text:10005DEF push ecx ; push mouseData .text:10005DF0 mov ecx, notify1_method_id ; store the handle to notify(III)V in ecx .text:10005DF6 and edx, 0FFFFh .text:10005DFC shl eax, 10h .text:10005DFF or edx, eax ; pack coords (y & 0xffff) << 16 | x into edx .text:10005E01 mov eax, [esp+10h+env] ; push env .text:10005E05 push edi ; push message_id .text:10005E06 push edx ; char .text:10005E07 mov edx, service_this .text:10005E0D push ecx ; push the notify(III)V method id .text:10005E0E push edx ; push the IcmpService instance .text:10005E0F call call_void_method ; call IcmpService.notify(mouseData, (y & 0xffff) << 16 | x, message_id) .text:10005E14 mov eax, [esp+20h+code] ; store code in eax .text:10005E18 mov ecx, mouse_hook ; store mouse_hook in ecx .text:10005E1E add esp, 14h ; reset the stack height .text:10005E21 push esi ; push hook_struct .text:10005E22 push edi ; push message_id .text:10005E23 push eax ; push code .text:10005E24 push ecx ; push mouse_hook .text:10005E25 call ds:CallNextHookEx ; continue the hook chain .text:10005E2B pop edi .text:10005E2C pop esi .text:10005E2D pop ecx ; restore edi,esi,ecx .text:10005E2E retn 0Ch .text:10005E2E mouse_hook_func endp .text:10005E2E .text:10005E2E ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. rsutton

    New Developer !

    Hello as most of you know me, I want to introduce myself as I am a new developer working beside Shadow on GMRL. Our goals for the time being are getting releases to key components to script writers making their job and also making the quality of scripts being released alittle more.... up and up. We are both dedicated to creating an experiance for script writers to be more flexable in their code and bring along new versityle types of code to use in their scripts. This being said. UBeX will not be updated from here on out, but yet another focus is bringing GMRL into runescape side as well so you will notice in future updates that we will have more code and practically making UBeX all over again from scratch, while bringing in new demintions for many. This is a huge project for what we do have planned and hope you join us on making GMRL on of the top includes used in scripts today for not only RS2 area but many other games as well. ~RSutton
  10. We have not really had a way to chit chat to one another other than irc. Im just sharing this information for the Newbies trying to learn to script. You can call me anytime for questions or any help needed. RobSutton84 on skype
  11. Very nice resource. Though putting it into a working external script I dont see myself doing anytime soon. But having this library of code available is still unique and nicely done. Congrats.
  12. Either way im not going to argue which is better. there is many ways to skin a cat and some think some ways are better than others. I give me advice. DTMs are mainly good for minimap markers these days is what much are used for. The way to do a working inventory dtm is using ddtms which is more advanced than for most. Simple to some but harder for others. Failsafes are about 75% of a script the other 25% is just getting it to work with those failsafes. Be aware that even though failsafes are exactly what they say and are very important that too much can actually end up ruining a script and cause much headache.
  13. Hello Community. I am writing this to start something which I feel is in need. Many of us are advanced scripters, It took us alot of moving around websites, going through old documentation, and much trial and error. I think we need to take this community to a new level. First off. Freddy as we do have a Runescape community forum I would ask that we have a Tutorial and " Knowledge base" section added specifically for the advance users to Post items which will help new people learn to script. This can include Photos from the Bank slot spaces ( colored numbers ) Inventory slot images, Map images, A-Lists for our databases where we can collaberate and share INFORMATION. I know that scar is not just a runescape community, I get that. But lets face the facts we want a community to learn and grow not only more in one area than another. But this way we as in Myself,Bib,Shadow,Wanted and others can collaberate our information and get this going to a whole new level. I ask that we form this Sub-Catagory called "Knowledge Base" Basically as a Ever-Long active directory for those who have knowledge to share and those who wish to have it. Not only for our Past and present to give but that of our future and those will will come after us to look back and say "They were here" If we could get this it would be tramendius. I am not asking to be a moderator of this section but do have someone who is active and can Merge information when it is given correctly. Such as Monster control lists, inventory lists and such.
  14. You can get the bounds of each inventory slot... then check each inventory slot for the outline color which is black. When you have all your inventory bounds setup 0 - 27 you can relay a check... or a for loop... to 27 if it finds an outline at 27 then your inv is full. You can also do this to find new items in your inventory ( each slot ) Though I do not recommend this method. Second. Dont go with Lord Josh's advice this is a pretty easy way to make a fail bot for not only now but future use. Though DTMs are very useful. Many problems can occur with them just as easy as "Yay my bot works today... shit it doesnt work anymore and I cant figure it out " Using dtms or even ddtms are not the best choice, definatly.
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