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  1. That what I thought, unfortunate. I guess I will have to wait till we can compile to exe. Any news on it? -Boom
  2. I don't mean that exact function I mean within a plugin you can't call a function that is included in OSI/SRL... Can you?
  3. But you can't put in things like Wait(100) etc that is in the SRL Include can you?
  4. But you could decompile the plugin quite easily couldn't you? Otherwise, that is a very suitable way of doing it. -Boom
  5. Ah, ok. Come one msn Wanted <3
  6. Any suggestions on how to go about it? Thanks <3 -Boom
  7. Hi there I want to compile a script, SCAR and OSI to a standalone exe. Is there a current way to do this or will I need to do some work for it <3 Thanks -Boom
  8. Either I am blind or there is no New Posts button =D Could there be one? -Boom
  9. I thought I would make this thread for a discussion on what you hope to be in OSI. Discuss =) -Boom
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