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  1. Hi, Enter here. I've just come back to these forums after a long break because I've been very busy in my life. I will be looking into making a script for runescape using SCAR. I will have a go at taking this request on but it will take a bit of time. When I have the script to a running stage I will pm you and get you to test it out, if that's ok ? ~Jakkle
  2. I got this Initating SMART Runescape Server 1 with safe mode enabled... Color: 5328973 2 points found. Freed RS2 Fonts Successfully executed (702 ms)
  3. Very nice, definitely moving on now I will do some testing and get back to you with any results.
  4. He did say 1-2 weeks and I'm sure it wouldn't take him that long to actually code the script. @ Wanted: On that note, does that mean your thinking OSI will be functional at a scripting state in about 2 weeks ?
  5. Jakkle


    I was using 3.27 because my shortcut was going to the 3.27 exe I take it ? I have pinned 3.28 to my taskbar. Thanks for that
  6. Jakkle


    I have already checked with svn look Is that right ?
  7. Jakkle


    Getting this, RandomRangeG: Unknown Identifier {=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= function RR(Min, Max: Integer): Integer; Contributors: Freddy, Wanted. Description: Outputs a value within a range. Date Created: September 22nd, 2011. By Wanted Last Modification: September 22nd, 2011. By Wanted =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=} function RR(Min, Max: Integer): Integer; begin {$IFDEF NoVariance} Result := RandomRange(Min, Max); {$ELSE} Result := RandomRangeG(Min, Max, OSI_Variance); {$ENDIF} end;
  8. Jakkle

    OSI Graphics!

    Very nice, like it alot
  9. This is grate news, now for testing and making sure it works, which I'm sure it will
  10. Well done for working it out the algorithms and putting it into code Grate work Freddy
  11. So you could change the amount of pixel % by area and density ? And have some sort of thing like [scar]Function MouseBoxEx(BoxArea, pixel%, Density: Integer;Action: String; ): Boolean;[/scar] So you can set how it click the box ?
  12. When looking at that page to me, feels like I'm looking at foreign language lol
  13. Ok well good luck, not good with my math really otherwise I would help. Ok will do. I did think maybe the script writer would be better of doing it for what its doing but i'm also on about loggin, lobby screens ect.. For example 'miss clicking the wrong world then re correcting its self to selecting the right world.
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