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  1. The same way you did it, but enclose the 3 statements in parentheses: [scar] if (finddtm(DTMgray,grayx,grayy,1002, 111,1002, 111)) and (finddtm(DTMpurple,purplex,purpley,1002, 111,1002, 111)) and (finddtm(DTMpaleblue,palebluex,palebluey,1002, 111,1002, 111)) then begin //do something here end; [/scar]
  2. Do you get this problem in the VM or the actual comp? Oh and to fix this, load Rs in your browser and then run scar again.
  3. The VM is just like your computer, do what you normally would do(download scar, open includes manager and update OSI, dl a script and run it). SMART lets you use your mouse while still botting, thats why it was made. Anyway, did you try what i said?(have 32bit of everything and then try running SMART)
  4. AFAIK you need 32-bit of everything: 32-bit java, scar(i think its only 32 bit), libsmart.dll(the 32bit version that comes with OSI). You then have to make sure that the 32-bit java is selected to run as the VM instead of the 64-bit java(which seems to be your problem).
  5. So the easter-egg is still there in 3.3x? Also, boo for the no sex
  6. Give us a hint pl0x? Also yay @ CallProc fix(does this mean it actually returns something instead of " "?). Oh and when can we expect the ctrl+click function to open that file up? Also, do you think there's a way to make extensions for scar?(something like simba?)
  7. If you go here: http://drpeterjones.com/colorcalc/ and enter the rgb values of r = 255, g = 0, b = 0, and then use the color picker, the color value is 255, but if you go here: http://www.shodor.org/stella2java/rgbint.html and enter the same rgb values the answer is 16711680(hex of 0xff0000). So one of them is wrong, either the getpixel() from windows api is wrong or every single online color converter is wrong. I can't figure out which one.
  8. I don't know if its done on purpose but simba(and scar) return the wrong integer color values. Eg: I pick a color from the rs screen and the pixel has rgb values of (123, 122, 121). The integer color value of this pixel should be 8092281(hex value of 7B7A79), but simba(and scar) return 7961211(rgb value of 121, 122, 123. Which means the red and blue values are swapped). This is the same from this thread: http://villavu.com/forum/showthread.php?t=69568
  9. Add something like Ctrl +click a proc/func to open that include file? Because its a pain in the back right now if i want to find more about a function from OSI.
  10. program New; begin PlaySound('location of music file'); //eg: c:\alarm.wav end. playsound can only play .wav files i think.
  11. Can we use SMART? and our own custom functions?
  12. But doesn't Scar 3.x use winapi to send mouse/keyboard events? If i was to make a plugin though, how would i go about it?
  13. Is it possible to simulate mouse movements without actually moving the mouse in windows(7 to be specific)? Something similar to SMART but since SMART only works for RS, we can't use it for anything else.
  14. The problem lies in CallProc. It doesn't return anything(it actually returns a empty char?). Read the last few posts in this thread: http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?168-CallProc-variable-parameters.-Is-it-possible&p=837
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