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  1. Awesome Job as always, any chance on bone burying coming back?
  2. Ah, I noticed something was different.
  3. I am getting unknown identifier MSSL_BoxCenter on line 68 EDIT: now OffsetBox is undefined in box.scar
  4. my code //By turner850 program RSCCaptchaSolver; var captchaBmp: TSCARBitmap; begin captchaBmp := GetClient.CaptureEx(128, 229, 384, 270); try SaveBitmap(captchaBmp, ScreenPath + 'captcha.bmp'); finally CaptchaBmp.Free; end; end. It says SaveBitmap is unknown... It's in the wiki.. How else can I do this?
  5. please provide the script you are having trouble with and explain what simply "dont work"
  6. You can use the API for http://decaptcher.org/ Its about $1.5 for 1000 captcha's pretty cheap
  7. Soo many parameters to figure out lol
  8. Humm, so I guess I could make a function to check every 1 degree? Is there like a tolerance?
  9. does scar divi have the capability of finding a bitmap on the screen, even if it may be rotated? i am trying to work around the runescape classic minimaps random rotation
  10. \ Adding food, Step 1. At the top add a new variable for your food, in this case bmpNEWFOOD var alarmTM, lastAttackTM, fatiguePercent: Integer; bmpSwordfish, bmpTuna, bmpNEWFOOD, bmpLobster: TSCARBitmap; Step 2 Add a new free step on script terminate. procedure ScriptTerminate; begin PlaySound(ScriptPath + 'empty.wav'); PRSC_RotateCamera(rcd_Nil3); bmpSwordfish.Free; bmpLobster.Free; bmpTuna.Free; bmpNEWFOOD.Free; MSSL_Unsetup; SetLength(cowColors, 0); end; Step 3 add another step to the FoodFound function. Notice i changed 2 to a 3 in the for line. (4 options of food) for i := 0 to 3 do begin PRSC_Wait(0); case i of 0: b := bmpSwordfish.Clone; 1: b := bmpLobster.Clone; 2: b := bmpTuna.Clone; 3: b := bmpNEWFOOD.Clone; end; Step 4 add the newfood bitmap to the scriptsetup function bmpNEWFOOD := TSCARBitmap.Create('STRING HERE'); get the string from the bitmap selector in scar
  11. I heard bot client, and automatically thought someone was developing a bot for RSC private servers Great script!! i will definitely be using this
  12. I think chickens will always be visible, at least in private servers.. I have been using it and even with 1-shotting there are always chickens. I think it would be a better option to pick up feathers and bones from the spot that you killed the mob, maybe the same X,Y that the mob was clicked.
  13. Jan, do you think you could add a bit of code to the cow killer script to pickup the bones that drop and bury them, maybe after each kill just pick 1 up and go to inventory and bury it.
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