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  1. It does, but it's lacking some necessary things (I'm not sure if you have a custom build for OSI).
  2. Perhaps I should revive RRL as a complimentary include to OSI/RS07 (or a sub-module). Interesting, never the less.
  3. Reserved, will post later.
  4. OSI development is starting, RRL will resume after public-beta of OSI.
  5. I'll miss SCAR Luna. It was good.
  6. Try re-downloading SCAR and possibly run a Prime95 test on your RAM. If your RAM is functioning as normal and SCAR still doesn't work, it's probably some faulty code.
  7. Timer

    RRL - active?

    If you fork the repository you can help me plan the layout. From there it's pure coding, I don't know how skilled you are in reflection.
  8. Timer

    RRL - active?

    Let me update it. Other than that, I've been busy writing it from scratch, and no one's really taken interest so I haven't bothered to update. So, let me know if you want it updated, or if you'd like to help in the new version.
  9. I'm sure he just doesn't know that they exist.
  10. [align=center]RRL Reflection Resource Library[/align] RRL is a reflection library that utilizes a common plugin called SMART for the game Runescape. RRL is stable and simple to use, along with being open source for development. The source code can be viewed here: https://github.com/RRLibrary/RRL Feel free to fork and get involved with the project, together, we can make the best reflection include in history!
  11. I think I speak on behalf of many people when I say this, I'm glad I've been with you throughout this journey Freddy!
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