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  1. MarkD


    The domain was probably used in the past by someone else. You must have inherited those bad WOT ratings.
  2. That's a lot of improvements in one update. Thanks Freddy!
  3. OCR is a pain in the a$$ to work with, I wish you luck to get it running. If you get it running and post the code, you'd provide the community with a great service though
  4. MarkD


    Allright, let's forget about SVN... New links are in the OP.
  5. MarkD


    Don't throw it in your browser, just Checkout everything to your computer. Unfortunately I forgot how to exclude the logs from uploading so those are included as well. It's about 83 Megs for the whole package.
  6. MarkD


    Since this has nothing to do with SCAR or Pascal whatsoever, I guess this is the place to post it. I've been busy trying to build something which encrypts en decrypts text files. It works, but it could be way better. So, I've decided to release my current version to the public and dumped the entire thing on a forgotten svn repo. It should be better then it is now, but to keep things tidy I'll need something like a command based interface. Since I haven't build those before, it takes some time. For now, just enjoy the program and I'd like you guys to report as many bugs as you can find SVN didn't work as intended so it's all on a fileserver now. mast.boatinghost.com/cpp The most important files are: READ_ME.txt ed_main.cpp ed_func.h ed_main.ini ed_main.exe (for those who don't feel like compiling it themselves) The ed_main.ini can't be direct linked (server probably thinks of it as a system file) so all files are in a RAR as well. The program is pretty much self explanatory, the paths of the files which will be used are in the INI file. Standard is all on C:\
  7. Every key is available in VK.
  8. 1 = 0? As far as I know, this is highly illegal in a lot of languages. What's the logic that doesn't make it illegal in SCAR?
  9. Or replace the arrowdown functions, as far as I see it's the only thing that doesn't work in 3.35 and later. The rest should still be working.
  10. You need to find whether the button is actually there? You could do that with if(FindDTM(,,,,,,)). You'll have to load the DTM before, see tutorial section about DTMs.
  11. There shouldn't be any problem with the script. Looks like it works like a charm, just make sure your include settings are correct.
  12. It could be integrated in the current Round function, yes. I'm not sure that's an option though, so that's why.
  13. No, you didn't get that right. It will become version 1 if the developer thinks it's ready for the public. Until it's version 1, it's beta. Normally version 1 would be the first version which actually does what it needs to and has most flaws corrected. Since there is no such thing with includes, I guess there is a bit of a definition problem here.
  14. You could replace the 1 with a variable. Set it 1 or 0 with a function which needs a bool. [scar] Procedure RoundUp( set = bool ); begin if set is true then extravariable = 1; else extravariable = 0; end; [/scar] Should be made more neat, but you get the point.
  15. Perhaps a stupid question, but would it be very difficult to make something like this for updating SCAR? Still haven't found out what to do after the download of the update is complete, it definitely doesn't do anything at SCAR reboot. Haven't found out where it downloads it to anyway. So, my way of updating is pretty much equal to throwing the old version away and install the new one (which actually works pretty good).
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