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  1. PasteLock.com

    The domain was probably used in the past by someone else. You must have inherited those bad WOT ratings.
  2. SCAR Divi 3.37 Final

    That's a lot of improvements in one update. Thanks Freddy!
  3. KeyDown FN or Windows Key ?

    Every key is available in VK.
  4. OSI, New MATH functions from MSSL!

    1 = 0? As far as I know, this is highly illegal in a lot of languages. What's the logic that doesn't make it illegal in SCAR?
  5. Top Down Shooter

    Or replace the arrowdown functions, as far as I see it's the only thing that doesn't work in 3.35 and later. The rest should still be working.
  6. New to scar

    You need to find whether the button is actually there? You could do that with if(FindDTM(,,,,,,)). You'll have to load the DTM before, see tutorial section about DTMs.
  7. Problem with Script or Problem with SCAR?

    There shouldn't be any problem with the script. Looks like it works like a charm, just make sure your include settings are correct.
  8. It could be integrated in the current Round function, yes. I'm not sure that's an option though, so that's why.
  9. What does MSSL offer? it looks very awesome!

    No, you didn't get that right. It will become version 1 if the developer thinks it's ready for the public. Until it's version 1, it's beta. Normally version 1 would be the first version which actually does what it needs to and has most flaws corrected. Since there is no such thing with includes, I guess there is a bit of a definition problem here.
  10. You could replace the 1 with a variable. Set it 1 or 0 with a function which needs a bool. [scar] Procedure RoundUp( set = bool ); begin if set is true then extravariable = 1; else extravariable = 0; end; [/scar] Should be made more neat, but you get the point.
  11. Installing SCAR Divi!

    Perhaps a stupid question, but would it be very difficult to make something like this for updating SCAR? Still haven't found out what to do after the download of the update is complete, it definitely doesn't do anything at SCAR reboot. Haven't found out where it downloads it to anyway. So, my way of updating is pretty much equal to throwing the old version away and install the new one (which actually works pretty good).
  12. New to scar

    To avoid the colorfinding getting messed up with a hovering mouse over it, first check the color and then move the mouse. If the mouse is already on the box when you want to check it, get it out of the way, check it and place the mouse back. Found it out the hard way...
  13. Aimbot?

    It isn't hard to program, just an afwul lot of work. 1. Find players (probably DTM finding). 2. Find out which are yours and which are enemy (you really don't want to shoot your own people). 3. Calculate trajectories to every worm (or just the nearest two, or just the one with lowest hp). 4. Select the best of those (based on preferences: highest likelihood of succes, lowest hp, highest hp, nearest/farthest, etc.). 5. Shoot it. Step 2/3 are the hardest. Finding which is yours and which is enemy could be done by color (DTM again, if worm with yellow/green/blue name), if the name is above them in team color. Calculation will be pretty much guessing, trying and hopefully something like a math model will come out of it. If it works 75% of the time, it's already brilliant. Step 4 could be difficult if it has to be done with OCR. If you can evade that (you probably can, perhaps with DTM again), and you probably can, you should try that first. Biggest problem would probably be speed. It could take a few seconds to find/calculate things like these. Remember you'll probably have to make different calculations per weapon and it'll be difficult to select the best weapon for the opportunity (you'll need a pretty strict definition of best opportunity). It can be done, but it's a lot of work.
  14. SaveFullScreenShot ( Whole Desktop )

    Novice scripters shouldn't use SCAR 3.34 or lower...
  15. Make Scar find/read/save text

    The font smoothing was updated. My entire computer had font smoothing disabled the moment I ran the script (hard not to notice). Perhaps Janilabo has some good idea's, he's the one who wrote GetTextAt. I don't remember a FindTextTPA and I can't find anything like it on the TPA wiki. Yes, we can create bitmaps from fonts (pretty obvious, a font is actually a collection of bitmaps in some way). I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do though. Are you suggesting to locate the coordinate of the first letter and read it by trial and error (compare it to every character in the alfabet available)?