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  1. Hello, Following your reply I then attempted to write the script, so far the scripts toggle works fine, i can turn it on and off, it also is checking for mouse clicks, and duplicating the action on the other half of the screen. However I have ran into a little issue, as the script is checking constantly if the mouse is down, it results in duplicating the action multiple times per second for one click. Is there a function which will return if the mouse has been lifted? I can not find one which does this, but it could be used to stop repeating the check until the mouse has been lifted, or something along those lines. As I said, i'm not very good at writing scripts/programming I just know the very basics, thanks for any help you can provide. Passit
  2. Hello All, I have been viewing the site and reading some threads for a while now, and decided to register today as I would most greatly appreciate if someone can possibly fulfill my request. Here is the basics of the request: A would like a script which can mirror/duplicate the actions I preform on one half of my screen (can be either half), onto the other half of the screen, the actions i can talking about include mouse clicks, and keyboard inputs, after these actions have been preformed i would then like the mouse to go back to the previous program. I would also like this to be toggled on and off by pressing a combination on keys without having to restart the script (no real preference on which keys.) Finally, before preforming the action on the other half i would like the ability for a delay, for instance 0.5sec delay before the action is preformed on the other half of the screen. More detail about what/how it shall be used for: Basically, I shall have two programs open, and using windows 7 drag and drop, both shall be snapped half of the screen. Either side of the screen may be used, and the action preformed within that program needs to be duplicated into the other program. My thoughts of what should be done within the script: Get screen resolution Wait for mouse click or key press Check if toggle on or off, if off wait for key press If mouse click: Get and store mouse position Wait delay If mouse on left half add half of screen res x to mouse x, if mouse on right half take half of screen res x from mouse x Preform the action Move mouse back to start position Wait again If key press: Save key pressed Wait delay Alt + Tab (to switch to other program) Preform keys pressed Alt + Tab again (back to original program) Wait again This is just how i am thinking it would happen logically, i'm not good at programming or scripting so i have no idea if this would be the right way to do it, just hope it helps you understand what I would like Oh, and a last note, more than one action might happen in a short time period, i.e mouse click and a key press in very short space of time, so one action might occur while waiting in the delay for the previous action, is it possible to save and preform both? I don't know. I would really appreciate it if this can be done, it would make things a lot easier for me Thank you, Passit
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