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  1. What about something like (I have no clue if this will work, or if I'm doing it right) [scar] program ClientSwitching; var w, h : Integer; procedure Client1; begin FindWindowTitlePart('RuneScape', true); ActivateClient; GetClientDimensions(w, h); WriteLn('Client1 has been opened...'); end; procedure Client2; begin FindWindowTitlePart('Google', true); ActivateClient; GetClientDimensions(w, h); WriteLn('Client2 has been opened...'); end; begin Client1; Wait(1000) Client2; end. [/scar]
  2. Thank you ! Had no clue GetSystemeTime could be used for that
  3. Shouldn't be too difficult to create, and I'm very new myself only problem would be the minimize-able client, but you can try the link below I have never used it and the problem is, that it looks like the commands are very limited. http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?1261-Appa-SCAR-Minimizeable-WebClient-Project
  4. What I want is to create a loop that repeats for 15 minutes, then goes to the next commands in my script and starts over. I couldn't find a tutorial on this because I didn't know what to search for, and I'm sure there must be some kind of command for this [scar] begin PwnXile; Repeat FindNPC; Wait(5000 + Random(1000)); SuperAttack; Wait(2000 + Random(500)); SuperStrength; Wait(2000 + Random(500)); until false; end. [/scar] I want it to repeat this for 15 minutes [scar] FindNPC; Wait(5000 + Random(1000)); [/scar] and then go to this, and start over [scar] SuperAttack; Wait(2000 + Random(500)); SuperStrength; Wait(2000 + Random(500)); [/scar]
  5. Looks nice! If you still want some new graphics, just pm me
  6. hmm I tried to just use: WriteLn(GetColor(665, 441)); and it returned -1 But I figured out it was just the selected window that was buggy or something, when I selected the whole window instead of just a part inside of it, it worked just fine. Thank you
  7. What? I didn't get that. I want it to say yes if the color is 6062216 is at the coordinates (665, 441) and no if the color isn't at the coordinates. (I'm just using yes and no for testing of course it will be some clicking when I get it to work)
  8. No matter what I do the code below returns no, I can't get it to find the color.. Am I missing something here? (I've tried with a lot of different colored stuff) [scar] If GetColor(665, 441) = 6062216 Then WriteLn('Yes') Else WriteLn('No'); [/scar]
  9. Thank you I'll try to figure it out
  10. I've just begun scripting with SCAR and I decided to create some scripts for a private server, just to get some basic knowledge but I've ran in to a problem involving ColorToleranceSpeed and SetColorSpeed2Modifiers. (There's probably a smarter way to find trees, but I'm just a newbie) I used the program ACA to find colors, tolerance, hue and sat. Here's my code (I've just started so I'm not very far): [scar]program PwnXileMagicChopper; Var x, y : Integer; procedure PwnXile; begin FindWindowTitlePart('PwnXileHD', true); ActivateClient; end; procedure ChopLogs; begin ColorToleranceSpeed(2); SetColorSpeed2Modifiers(0.12, 0.40); begin If FindColorSpiralTolerance(x, y, 3099987, 0, 0, 516, 336, 5) Then MoveWindMouse(x, y, 0, 0); ClickMouse(x, y, true); end; end; begin PwnXile; Wait(500); ChopLogs; end.[/scar] My problem is, that it's not moving the mouse to the trunk, but on top of the tree instead and half of the times it wont be hitting the tree. Am I doing something wrong? Also is there anyway to check if inventory is full without using OSI since it's a private server. Any help is appreciated !
  11. Okay, if you need any graphics done another time just send me a pm
  12. If you still want a logo, I can make you one. Just tell me what you want, colors, text, size etc.
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