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  1. Apparently it didn't work and/or was easily detectable. Would be interesting to know if it works for you in anything. I believe Scar 1.15 had it still.
  2. Thanks for the reply. That's reassuring.
  3. Just wondering if It's just me, but the following functions: It only takes a single call and I receive the error every time. FindColorSpiral FindColorSpiral2 FindColorSpiralTolerance FindColoredAreaTolerance [Edit] When using fonts with GetTextAtEx, the y position is -3 pixels off. x is perfectly exact. Windows 7 x64 and XP tested, all versions of scar I've tried few years, including latest non-alpha.
  4. There's a couple of these kind of functions which give this error. "Access violation at address 7C918AF2 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000010"
  5. Basically when the portable version of SCAR is opened, a BSOD will appear saying "Page fault in non-paged area". The normal install version however works fine. Seem to be only getting this trouble in XP.
  6. Well window padding, the stuff around the window, including title bar. See what I mean. =\ The coordinates are slightly messed up depending on the OS and settings.
  7. Sure, not quite sure what happens if the script is run without the game open, hopefully it will. Otherwise I will tell you how to set it up for the game. Will private message you the source, be warned there is a fair amount of code, luckily it is well organized. I've been aware of the second issue for a while now, but I haven't figured out the problem yet, it might be caused by something unrelated in SCAR or be a bug in the SynEdit 3rd party component I use. Nope, no drawing, it happens with just retrieving the canvas handle for the focused window. I presume when it rarely fails to hook onto the window, it must throw an error? =D Looking forward to it, you're coming quick with the updates and provide great support.
  8. I'm having some issues with the client window padding been different on various pcs and different versions of windows. For me in W7 the real client window exists X + 3, Y + 25. Would it be possible to get the actual positions relative to the real game frame?
  9. I have encountered around 5 errors in various aspects of the new Scar, although the first 2 are the most imminent in a 2-5 hour span. I've been trying hours in a row each and every day possible, these two interrupt Scar from running properly. 1) "Out of system resources." - I have 4gb of ram and 4gb of pagefile, not quite sure what kind of resource it runs out on, the memory usage for scar stays between 45-60mb and in my code there is nothing being loaded into memory after initialization, apart from storying positions for every instance of an image on screen. That's the only thing in my code which could be causing this, unless there is some kind of bug in scar itself? Can cause system to lock up or/and Scar to go into an infinite loop, maxing out cpu core. 2) "Assertion failure (C:\Delphi 2010\Libs\SynEdit\Source\SynTextDrawer.pas, line 597)." - This just happens for no explainable reason. 3) "Failed to draw on canvas" - Happened when I kept requesting the current windows canvas to draw on, just eventually it fails, lucking this is not a required for a bot to function. 4) "Access violation at address 0040614A in module 'scar.exe'. Read of address 4C5C7997" - Nothing new in this error, I've had this happen on every version of scar since 05". If there is any way to give you a memory dump or set you up to try the bot yourself, just ask. I hope the first 2 and maybe 4 is fixable. -- Oh and btw this is in Windows 7, if it is any more stable in 2000 or XP please tell me. [=
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