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  1. Alternatively: // Returns the current script execution time in milliseconds function GetTimeRunning(): LongInt;
  2. Oof, can't edit my post. I was really sleepy, I see the code. My question would be how user32.dll handles mouse clicks. Or you could just look for something open-source which actually works, and see how they do mouse clicks.
  3. It's probably the way the clicks are done. I believe there's a way to simulate a mouse click in a control, which fails for many 3D applications (DirectX), but SCAR's controls simulate a global mouse click. I can't see your code though, so I couldn't say for sure.
  4. Yeah, Freddy just changed the DNS to point to Esper instead of Pho3n1x I think. [offtopic]Sure, I might contribute once and a while. I get in the SCAR mood sometimes ;p
  5. Oh now it's on EsperNet instead of Pho3n1xNet .
  6. As much as BennuBot has been slowed due to my new job and whatnot I feel like anyone looking for a chat bot (or developing thier own) could find BennuBot useful. It may be found here: http://github.com/titegtnodI/BennuBot. I'll post more details soon, maybe move parts of the Wiki into this topic.
  7. Just wondering, is this going to be solely an extension of OSI? Will it branch off to games other than RuneScape?
  8. ti.teg.tnod.I

    Scar bug

    Try updating to the latest version of SCAR, a download may be found here.
  9. If the round-robin derps for you try one of the following servers: destiny.pho3n1x.net bennu.pho3n1x.net omnomnom.pho3n1x.net Those will connect you directly to a server instead of re-directing you to one. Sometimes clients / ISPs derp when this happens. It's usually temporary but it won't happen with the above addresses.
  10. That game looks like Tibia . Good work on your script ^-^.
  11. I know it's pointless I was just hoping that would make him happy .
  12. It's more like an object that calls the function with it's own parameters ... So when you call the function, you're actually calling a lambda object, that calls the function, and the lambda object fills in the parameter. So you're not actualy "presetting" the parameter, I guess it was poor choice of wording on my part. Edit: Does this solve anything? http://delphisorcery.blogspot.com/2011/05/lambdas-and-expression-trees-in-delphi.html
  13. No, that's storing a string. Also I don't see what makes python the opposite of SCAR at all actually ... Damn, oh well. I just figured "Type mismatch" implied it was actually returning a usable type. Is there any way to check the type of an object?
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