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  1. Any ideas 437 error: Unknown indentifier Drop all exlude DropAllExclude([0],true); Why ?
  2. Error at 95 line Invalid number of parameters: RS07_SetActivePlayer(USERNAME, PASSWORD, []); What i need to change where ?
  3. Compiler error 647 line SortATPASize(ATPA, True);
  4. Oh i fink i got it Compiler error 647 invalid numbers of parameters This line. SortATPASize(ATPA, True); I know your not what script writter but i see many other people and doing this, i didn't found anyone scripting this just, PB got carpy a bit but it's down atm.
  5. Did it pointed game screen still not going ? Look, or maybe i'm doing wrong by draging it. Trided again same thing. Pointed ant rs playing screen it got market red, latter pressing start nothing happend, could you help me to start it with team viewer ?
  6. Huuh not really and problem is like this.
  7. Hello Guys, I'm new member of scar divi and all color bot thing. I really find it difficult to lunch bot to work, what client to use, maybe bot has build in client or something, but i wasn't able to start it. Even i got 3 year experience in injection botting and some scripting knowledge, i need help with collor bot even to start. Em I right what bot uses mouse so i can't move or do something else with mouse by botting ? Maybe support with team wiever or just helpful video would be grate. I got what part to download, instal OSI, update it, look for script, move in bot screen. But when i try to lock the screen and run it does nothing. Skype: Bikinis3
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