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  1. SCAR Divi 4.00.00 Pre-Alpha

    Redownload it?
  2. SCAR Divi 4.00.00 Pre-Alpha

    I am aware of that. Was just letting you know. They are, and it does. It doesn't. It's empty (aside from the typical "Classes"..."Variables"). Windows 7 x86_64 (same as you, I would imagine). It's like SSH'ing into a server where you have 500ms ping - the delay between character strokes is quite noticeable.
  3. SCAR Divi 4.00.00 Pre-Alpha

    Wow, very nice work! A bit Visual Studio-esque, but still looks neat. Nice to see it being mutli-process now, too I am guessing you are using the "nightly" DWScript verson, too? EDIT: Couple of things I have encountered thus far: The error messages are extremely unhelpful ("Failed to compile.") When indenting, code completion lists only a few methods (namely ones starting with "E", then "En"...) Form editor is pointless Colour picker/Eyedropper tool does not have any balloon help, neither does the client selection crosshair Help -> Download News doesn't visibly do anything Other areas need changes to match the new interface (e.g. form editor, DTM editor, settings) No code completion for unit names in the uses clause Slow redrawing when resizing the program results in flickering and visible lag Noticeable input lag "Structure" dialog doesn't populate The editor always seems to display a squiggly red underline on the first line What I found annoying, was that the "Open" dialog box always went back to the defined workspace, instead of last opened folder. Redoing (CTRL+Y) an action redoes each individual character types, not words, whereas Undo undoes entire actions. The following code seems to cause DWScript (the "engine") to crash: [scar] type TTestClass = class public procedure SetBool(const Bool: Boolean); function GetBool: Boolean; end; [/scar] And on that note, logs aren't properly generated Anyways, time for bed now
  4. You mean something along the lines of how VAssistX (and other plugins) works? Shouldn't really be that hard to implement
  5. What are your study habits?

    Just keep going over your notes once a week.
  6. CountWords

    Hi sjesper, You could also just do: [scar]function CountWords(const S: String): Integer; begin Result := Length(Explode(#32, Trim(S))); end;[/scar]
  7. Scar interrupt..

    That's because it switches focus to the debug box as soon as something is printed to it.
  8. Librarys...

    Can't you just cast to PWideChar?
  9. Anyone try out Windows 8?

    It's exactly the same as the Developer Preview. Still no option to disable Metro - you are forced to use it, the registry hack does not work either They removed the start button altogether, and you have to bring your mouse all the way down to the corner and click to open up the start menu (*cough* Metro Start Menu). I haven't used it since the three hours I played around in it.