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  1. Hi there... I don't know if it is possible or not, but I need a script for CABAL ONLINE (EU) game... I think this script is very simple but I really don't know nothing about scripting... There are some features that I i want for the script to do: - Auto atack monters: Auto select a monster by name and auto attack it by Key. (select monster by Key it's not available so it's needed Mouse Pointer action) · Monter name can be changed (in script) - (Can select multiple monsters to attack) · Attack Key can be changed (in script) - Auto pick drops: Auto pick drops by Key · Pick key can be changed (in script) - Auto heal: Auto heal MP & HP by Key (one for HP & one for MP)/(Heal HP when >85%) · MP KEY and HP KEY can be changed (in script)
  2. @jmpl3 What you didn't understand ?
  3. Maybe implement a "reloadpage function" and that will be fixed. If i will have time i will make it!
  4. adria


    Are you asking for a Seafight Script ?
  5. The guy just ask if it's posible or not. Be sure he don't know how it works. If you are here just to answer the others questions with some that they don't know to do, please, try to don't spam again, and go to other forum, where you can find people who knows everything. If you are so "smart", why you don't do what you sayd, and make a "ship database" for the script? Ah, I know the answer, 'CAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT !
  6. You have to change the colors of the lines... ↗-----------------------↖ | 130 hpcolor1:=4318; | 131 hpcolor2:=8390; | 132 hpcolor3:=5924327; | 133 hpcolor4:=10413; | 134 hpcolor5:=12453; ↘-----------------------↙ ...but for that you have to know very well what you'll doing ! Legend: Green objects: Lines Red objects: Values/Colors to change
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