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  1. Just make a pull request on the git, he would have to approve the edit.
  2. Damn Ice...wish it didn't come to this. Was always good to chat with ya throughout the years...It's gonna be hard to find a new load developer, it's gonna die without one . I'll start going through the osi again to see what's needed to be done. Ice could you leave what your todo list pweaty please?
  3. wyn10

    OSI Status

    When I saw the last update in the git was almost a month ago, I was wondering what happened...
  4. Include OSI and just use TypeSend(string).
  5. wyn10

    Smart 6.9

    As anyone been having problems with Smart? It hasn't been detecting things such as the bankscreen lately. Very strange as it works fine barely works outside of smart....
  6. If you making this script for rs. I would highly suggest looking into Osi's Mouse.
  7. If you have experience for injection how is Color a problem? It's pretty much common knowledge.
  8. Successfully compiled (169.9838 ms), You are outdated.
  9. I have fixed this. It's private for now, so I'm not worried about messiness at the moment.
  10. Lol ya, I don't usually write scripts for myself very neat. I just converted my script from Simba and that was the only thing I was having problems with, I've been told Simba fucked me over lol. Ok, hope you can tell me.
  11. Before suggesting, what do you already have planned in mind?
  12. wyn10


    Time to scavenge up on what you missed. hai der who r u lol
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