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    Hi guys, I am currently working on some Warrior guild stuff.. There are 4 minigames in Warriors guild. To enter the warriors guild, a player must either have Attack and Strength levels that add up to at least 130. I decided I would not make a seperate thread for each minigame, so keep up with this one! I will update it constantly with the new minigames Shotput minigame(str) Script finished. Start in 18lb Shotput area ( http://oi49.tinypic.com/2v28jl0.jpg)Run script! (V2 Recommended!) Catapult minigame(def) Script in progress. To be finished. Dummy room(atk) Script not started. To be finished. Animation room(combat) Script not started. To be finished. (This may take weeks) RS07_Shotput SMART.scar RS07_Shotput SMART v2.scar
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